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Why Do Manufacturers Issue Warranty

Why Do Manufacturers Issue Warranty

The reputation of a company is directly linked to their product such that if it fails to meet the desired expectation, the impact may be undesirable. Most manufacturing firms like Sony, Samsung, Techno mobile, and other automobile manufacturers usually offer their clients a warranty which can last for over a year or more. Some can be valid for a few months depending on the nature of the item. Most companies have lost their customers to some fraudsters who use their goodwill to produce substandard products for customers, such items will hardly last for more than one month.

To avoid this situation from happening,

To avoid this situation from happening, some have decided to issue their customers a warranty. This is a document that places liability on the company should the item fail to meet the expected result. With this kind of marketing strategy, those producing fake stuff can’t issue a warranty because they know their products are not genuine. It is often difficult to differentiate between fake and genuine products because of the number of fake producers that have penetrated the market to defraud people. The only remedy to handle this scenario is to issue a warranty that assures clients of the quality of the item they are purchasing. To know if an item is reliable or not, ask the manufacturer to provide a written document.

Why Do Manufacturers Issue Warranty

This can either be a warranty or a guarantee to prove the authenticity of the item being sold. If the product isn’t genuine, the producer will be scared to issue a warranty since that may implicate him if the appliance eventually fails. Customers are advised to request a warranty each time they want to purchase a product, especially if the item is costly. Imagine if you went to a shopping mall and purchased a plasma TV for $700, on getting to your home you discovered a major fault with the product.

A fraudulent supplier will not take responsibility but, if you buy the item from a reliable source with just a phone call, they’ll direct you on what to do or even dispatch technical personnel to come and access the fault. It can’t be fixed, the company will replace it at no cost. Customers are therefore advised to check a product before purchasing and also ensure they are given a warranty to cover for any fault that may arise, purchasing from an authorized vendor will save you the stress of trying to get it replaced in case of any fault.

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