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Why Apple Is Both A Manufacturer And Retailer

Why Apple Is Both A Manufacturer And Retailer

Apple is a popular technology giant that produces smart devices such as watches, phones, computers and sells them to consumers in small quantities. Retailing and manufacturing are two different words that are used interchangeably in marketing. Retailers are people who sell their commodities to consumers in small quantities. Wholesalers are confused with retailers, but both mean different things. Manufacturers are companies that produce goods and distribute them to separate marketing units for sale. Apple targets a limited number of people when developing its creations.

It allows consumers to specify how they want their products to be by creating a communication platform to interact with people. You can view Apple as a manufacturing company due to its mode of operation. By standards, Apple is manufacturing as its products are unique to other technology companies. Apple designs their products to make them unique and has fewer competitors. If no other company copies your blueprint when producing goods, you are a manufacturer. Apple develops software that is meant for its users only, which means if your mobile device is Android, you can’t use Apple apps.

This classifies Apple as a retailer

Your company’s industrial base is a factor that determines how it is classified. For instance, a company with numerous workers is seen as a manufacturing company when it produces goods in large quantities and distributes them to various marketing services until it reaches the final customers. Apple is a good example of a manufacturing outfit because it exhibits all the characteristics of a production outfit. Its inventions are available to people who can afford them as they believe it is not for everyone. When you purchase your Apple watch, you are financially capable of doing so as Apple targets a few customers.

This classifies Apple as a retailer as they don’t manufacture their goods in large quantities. The sole aim of Apple is to get their goods to the final consumers via direct means. Apple targets a limited number of people to analyze their products to receive their feedback. Manufacturers set up surveys to get the opinions of their customers about their outputs. The feedback received by the manufacturer determines how new the product will be. Few companies fall in the category of a manufacturer because their stocks are finalized by subcontractors.

Why Apple Is Both A Manufacturer And Retailer

When a company relies on another establishment to finalize production, it is no longer considered as a manufacturer. Apple is the sole manufacturer of its goods because it doesn’t rely on other business corporations. When a car is created by an automobile outfit, a subcontractor is invited to furnish it. A business enterprise like Apple doesn’t need a subcontractor to add finishing touches to its creations, which is a genuine reason why it’s a manufacturer.

Based on your marketing knowledge, you can decide to label Apple as a manufacturer or retailer. When a corporation produces in large quantities, it is both a manufacturer and retailer. If a person decides to call Apple a manufacturer, he is correct about the way he assesses Apple. The best way to view this is to consider Apple as both.

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