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Air Ventilation Systems

Air ventilator

Air Ventilator

The company enjoy as one of the leading manufacturer of "Air Ventilator" in the industry. Our ventilators that we offer cleans harmful and toxic air that are present inside the working area. They do not consume the electricity and work continuously with the help of wind. It also ensures that longevity of roof, walls and building structures.

Benefits of air ventilators

  • They help in saving great amount of electricity because they rely heavily on wind energy.
  • It does not emit any pollution and helps towards greener environment.
  • Their use helps in increase productivity as the people working will not feel uncomfortable while because of harmful and toxic air.
  • They can be easily installed on the roof without any major construction.
  • Minimum maintenance cost

Turbo air ventilator

Turbine Ventilator

The wind "turbo air ventilator" designed by us embedding advanced machineries and technologies ensure that it provide optimum ventilation. These are specially designed and engineered for cleaning of dust, poisonous gases, smoke and more harmful irritant from the covered area. Turbo air ventilator contributes in safe and healthier environment thus contributing in healthier environment and eventually increasing the productivity.
Our product is fabricated with the quality raw material which shows in our products that we manufacture. The Teflon lubricated spread through the surface give it bearing smooth rotation and no maintenance for years. Further, our products are designed for their optimal and trouble free use.

Advantages of Turbo air ventilator

  • Our products are known for purifying air by removing dust, toxic and other harmful elements.
  • It will increase the productivity as worker will not feel suffocated because of the poisonous gases trapped inside.
  • Contributes in power saving and benefiting as it works 24x7 without any electricity expenditure.


  • Our ventilators that we offer are known for their light weight and noise free.
  • They are known to stand under adverse weather conditions such as storm and heavy rain.
  • These require less maintenance because they are fabricated with highest grade of materials and lubricants.
  • Hassle free working environment for higher productivity.

Wind ventilator

Wind Driven Air Ventilator

Wind ventilator is used in diverse industries for effective ventilation in diverse industries. These are used in industries and offers ventilation using minimum resources. The wind ventilators uses wind power and depends on the behavior of the wind as the wind catchers help in ventilation by directing the air in and out of the building.
We manufacture these using advanced and sophisticated technologies for their greater use. They are heavily used in diverse industries for proper ventilation and making the area free from toxic gases.

Features of wind ventilators

  • These are highly resistance to corrosion because of the excellent material used while manufacturing the material.
  • Withstand to adverse weather condition such as rain and storms.
  • As it only uses wind energy, it saves the great amount of energy cost.
  • After fitting that one should assure that it will offer 24x7, "air ventilation".

Roof turbo ventilator

Air Creations India deals in roof turbo ventilator for smooth ventilation of air inside the building. It works on the principle that when the temperature outside increases, the air also gets heated up rises. The hot air passes through the gaps already existing on your roof’s peak, the roof vent naturally draws in cooler outside the air that had just left.
The system has many advantages because of the air which they drawn from the highest point of the roof it allow more efficient flow of air. These can be installed with minimum alternating to the existing roof system and are available in various variants.

Features that incorporated in our roof turbo ventilator

  • The roof turbo ventilator is resistance to corrosion and known for their durability.
  • The design is user friendly and can be fitted to any roofing profile.
  • The use of roof turbo ventilator saves the expenditure which is spending on electricity.
  • Ventilate toxic air with fresh air.

Industrial ventilation

Inside any industrial building high quality of air is required for smooth functioning of work. Accurate control of temperature, humidity and good air quality requires an excellent ventilation system and one that should be customized according to the needs of the customers. This can be achieved by installing air ventilators in industries for purifying the toxic and unwanted air. Our customized air ventilation can be fitted easily in your industrial building.
There are various options available when it comes to choosing suitable industrial ventilation. As per the requirement of the industries one can opt for them. These all are necessary and are essential part for clean and working atmosphere in industries. The ventilation system purely works on wind energy for exhausting unwanted air and harmful elements and increases the productivity.

Ridge ventilators

Ridge ventilators

The ridge ventilator is used and requires minimum maintenance and is used in various industries for the purifying industrial air which is toxic and harmful to the people working inside the industry. The design is ergonomics and could easily be install in any building and infrastructure.
We are one of the leaders in producing ridge ventilators that are used for purifying unwanted air and dust particle from inside the manufacturing to outside and thus cooling the environment. We procure best material from vendors and this is also shows in our product that we manufacture.
The use of ridge ventilators offers constant ventilation on any type of weather condition. It is designed to eliminate heat, smoke and fumes removes from manufacturing units make a favorable working environment.

Industrial ventilators

We are prominent manufacturer of diverse types of industrial ventilators which is run by wind power. The company caters in offering a wide variety of industrial ventilators which are needed for the smooth running of the industries.

Eco friendly Ventilators

The company deals in offering eco friendly ventilators that are installed in industries to purify air quality and upgrade it. These are coated with Teflon and each and every component is impregnated with lubricant for smooth functioning of ventilators. They offer noise free working environment as they run and uses wind energy to perform their functions.


Non-conventional energy saving system Conventional energy system required.
No electricity bills. Cost of Ventilator is recovered in the first year itself. Electricity bills are a monthly feature. Increasing cost of electricity makes electrically operated-ventilator a costly proposition.
Not required heavy structures on roof. Heavy structures have to be mounted on the roof.
Vibration-free operation Roof becomes weak due to vibrations with Conventional ventilators
Assured operation for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Can operate only when power supply is available & needed
No maintenance costs as there are not armatures / field coils/switches. Maintenance cost will be required